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Discover the latest sewing fashion high street trends and the dressmaking patterns to make them. We browse the high street for fashion trends and popular styles and then search the sewing pattern database to find the perfect sewing patterns. Watch our sewing vlog to discover new sewing patterns to add to your DIY handmade wardrobe. Explore new sewing pattern styles and designs for your DIY makes with our sewing fashion trend inspired videos.

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18 Responses to Sew the Trends || Fashion sewing || The Fold Line

  1. The French Seams says:

    Wow.. hair mascara!! That made me laugh so much….. I’m happy never to revisit that “trend”:-)
    Great video as always!!

  2. The Sterling Thimble says:

    Great pattern matches for your looks. Love these videos. Great job as always. 😊

  3. La Rue de Fleurs says:

    Such an amazing report. Thank you so much for all of this information!!

  4. Monica Tureau says:

    Great information! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marie Lawlor says:

    Good god, polo neck under a shirt?! That really does scream 90's! And Tammy Girl! Haha

  6. Sew Sew says:

    Another great trends video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Agnes S says:

    Great video Kate, with lots of useful information. Thanks for sharing x

  8. RubyLovesRocket says:

    I'm so torn over the 90's coming back. There were some good things, but mostly "oh my god no that was awful the first time please stop!" things…and then there is the whole "but it's barely been gone, how can it come back!?" thing. It makes me feel so old. I suppose this is how my mom felt when she went deep into her closet to find her old bell-bottoms for me to wear when that became trendy again. At least I'm not a mom. I would die if I had a daughter walking around in platform sandals, velvet chokers and Nirvana-chic flannel. Yikes!

  9. Erin Morrison says:

    I loved this video! Thank you! I’m not super into trends, but I always find it funny when I’m currently making something “on trend”. Also, I love the 90s and the 70s!

  10. Mrs.Casey says:

    Lol nooo 90s. Hahhaaaa I love that leopard raglan top.

  11. Michelle d'silver says:

    A great vlog loved your vogue jacket. Thank you for including more of the "Big 4" patterns & yeah for the 70's!

  12. Julie Halligan says:

    The 90s fashions were awful and it was the decade I discovered vintage.

  13. Julia Droy says:

    I've bought the V1562 pattern haven't made it yet, love the coat you made,

  14. Laura Phipps says:

    Fantastic review! Thanks so much! I really need to get sewing.

  15. Ella Rabaiotti says:

    Really enjoyed the video Kate. It's really interesting to see how us sewists can sew the trends (if we want to that is! – some things can stay in the 90s as far as I'm concerned). And you mentioned Tammy Girl – aww that takes me back. ☺️

  16. susan wingblade says:

    Nooooo–not the grunge look again–so for teenagers. I love your choices. I think we have similar taste. I so enjoy your PC and love to see what you make!!!!

  17. Arlene Piggot says:

    You can get sweater knit which is like a fine jumper and any of the knit pattern would be great.🌌🎡

  18. The Age of Fabulous says:

    I won’t wear a baby doll dress with army boots or hiking boots. And no dresses with t-shirts under them. No.

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